Plant Care Products

Optimara makes all the products it uses in growing millions of quality African Violets every year available to the consumer. The items listed have all been thoroughly tested and found to be the best in growing beautiful plants. 

Qwick Cover

Qwick™ system These are the popular new self-watering containers OPTIMARA designed for shipping their violets to stores. Only available through SelectiveGardener.

Price Varies
Optimara 14-12-14 Violet Food NPK (10 pouches)

BEST SELLER - UREA FREE - temporarily bulk package

Hand-crafted Violet Bookmark

Beautiful hand-crafted quilled Violet Bookmark!

Optimara Miniature Plant Food (NPK 7-9-5 )

Special Formula for Miniatures

Optimara African Violet Guide (includes USA Shipping)

12 page Optimara African Violet Guide