These beautiful plants featured in an authentic Optimara decor add a touch of class and sophistication to your special event! Plants are specially selected weeks in advance to be in perfect bloom and size for the event. If local to the Nashville area, be sure to check out our local item section for great baskets and dishgardens for centerpieces!

4 IN Optimara Violet in White Fluted Ceramic Vase

violet in elegant white ceramic vase

Green Party Pack with Deco Cover

Colorful for spring and summer!

Was: $120.00
Now: $99.00
Party Pack of 2 IN Mini Green Plants

Great terrarium plants!

Was: $110.00
Now: $98.00
Party Pack of 2 IN MIni Violets w/ Watership

 see-through watership container makes it easy to take care of Mini Violets!

Party Pack of 2 IN Optimara Mini Violets

most economical!

Was: $125.00
Now: $115.00
Party Pack of 20 Optimara 4 IN Violets w/self-watering Qwick Covers

Only $6.- each Plant w/ qwick cover!

Was: $140.00
Now: $127.00
Party Pack of 4 IN Optimara Violets - 20 pack

Only $5.50 each Plant! Great Bargain!