Optimara Violet and Houseplant Soil (4 QT. Bag)

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Countries?: USA & PR/Canada Only


Especially blended for African Violets, Optimara Potting Soil contains pure block-harvested, Canadian peat moss to produce an ultralight potting medium that promotes even distribution of water and nutrients.
It is pH-balanced at 5.8 to 6.2 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Betty S, 11/02/2019

My African Violets love this soil! We live in subtropics. My violets are wick-watered. They sit about 18” from the glass of an east-facing window with a sheer curtain protecting them from direct sun. The air temperature is maintained between 72 and 75 and humidity at 50%. My violets grow well. The violets I have repotted in this soil are healthier, happier, and constantly blooming. I am gradually repotting my entire collection of 50+ violets to this product. That’s how much I recommend this product.

Reviewed by Robin , 02/07/2018

Of all the soils I've used, I like Optimara's the best. It's very light and airy. Although I really don't have to, I mix it with vermiculite and perlite...1/3 of each...my plants do very well. The bag will last you awhile, depending on how many plants you have. I love this stuff!

Response from Selective Gardener: thank you for your nice comments, however Optimara does not recommend adding vermiculite nor Perlite as their tests have shown that these ingredients are not beneficial for the violets.