Watermaid - Self-Watering Tray

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The Optimara Watermaid is an economical and time-proven, self-watering system using the same capillary mat system used at Optimara. It is made of a terracotta colored plastic.  It is best for 4" pot sizes, but can accommodate pot sizes up to 6 inches and will keep your plants watered for 1-2 weeks.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by C H, 10/07/2016

My violets are a healthy, happy gang. Using this watering system, along with some plant food and a sunny window sill, I have flowers coming off like an assembly line. The leaves are firm and dark. I'm buying more as my "grocery store mutt" violet is about to have "babies." That mutt violet is also on a watermaid now and not the sad rescue plant anymore.

Reviewed by Patty i, 02/12/2016

I have never had African Violets before, and so happy I bought these trays and the Optimara Violet food. My three plants bloom almost continually and always in healthy condition. I have had them for about 3/4 of a year and so happy they are doing well. I will always have a stash of these self watering things on hand.....actually buying some more now for when I divide my 3 plants (they grow so well!). Thank you for products like this, that allow me to have african violets to enjoy!

Reviewed by Richard H, 02/03/2016

Ideal solution for the proper automatic watering of my EverFloris. Works exactly as described. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Pam N, 01/05/2015

These are perfect! They take the guesswork out of watering your violets! Very pleased! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Holly C, 08/07/2014

I bought a couple of these to try them out and I notice that the plants that have these Watermaids look healthier and fuller. I guess they get daily watering and I drop the ball on my other plants (although I watch and water my plants regularly). I will be buying more for the rest of my plants because of the success I have had with the two I bought. This company has great customer service as well.

Reviewed by LGarramone , 07/25/2014

I wasn't sure about this product, but my doubts were erased. This is a great time saver and gives my violets the humidity that they needed. When the matting needs to be cleaned I throw them in a lingerie bag and wash. I highly recommend the Water Maid.

Reviewed by H H, 12/21/2010

Wonderful product. Keeps my african violet in perfect shape. I was not able to keep an AV going for more than a year, until this product. Great for busy people like me. Highly recommend.