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Qwick Cover

Qwick™ system These are the popular new self-watering containers OPTIMARA designed for shipping their violets to stores. Only available through SelectiveGardener.

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Optimara Little Intermezzo - NEW 2 In Mini Violet

Little Intermezzo -  New Optimara Mini Violet for 2020!


myWildSide, 4 IN Optimara Violet

Full Plant, new introduction for 2020!  myWildside - a double greenish white violet!

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Optimara Little Trio, NEW 2 IN Mini Violet

Music Series - Little Trio (2018)


4 IN Optimara Classic Variety - Classic 5 - Tennessee

Optimara Tennessee - a beautiful single to semi-double white and blue violet with shar-shaped blooms!

Was: $15.00
Now: $13.00
4-IN Violet, Artist Series - Hiroshige

Artist Palette Series, Hiroshige: Our most fascinating bloomer, semi-wasp with blue & white flowers.

Was: $14.00
Now: $12.00
Rhapsodie INGRID, 4 IN Optimara

Introducing Ingrid - Winner: "2016 Best Potted New Plant" at the Society of American Florists convention

Was: $15.00
Now: $12.50
2 IN Mini Green Plant in saucer ceramic - Set of 4

Beautiful set of 4 different Earth-tone ceramic with miniature green plants!

Optimara African Violet Guide (includes USA Shipping)

12 page Optimara African Violet Guide

4 IN Optimara Violet - Classic Variety 2 - PARIS

Optimara Paris - a beautiful semi-double purple violet  

Was: $14.00
Now: $12.00
myHeart, 4 IN Optimara New Variety

Brand New for 2018! Optimara myHeart! beautiful white and cherry red blooms

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EverBeautiful - 4 IN Plant

Optimara EverBeautiful - One of the Space Violets in full size plant! 

Was: $15.00
Now: $10.00
4 IN Optimara African Violets w/ metal Loveseat

Beautiful Set of 2 violets (or Ferns) in Metal Loveseat with embossed floral decoration. 

LooXo 'Gorgeous, 4 IN Optimara Violet

New for 2018 !
Optimara LooXo Gorgeous
the first antherless varieties

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mySensation, 4 IN Optimara Violet

Full Plant!  mySensation. Optimara's First Green African Violet!

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