Local Middle Tennessee Products

These Unique Items are either not shippable or priced only for local delivery or pickup.

You may also visit us at one of our local Nashville, TN shows throughout the year:
Antique & Garden Show, Lawn & Garden Show, Christmas Village Show and Centennial Holiday Show
as well as the 4th weekend of every month at 
Nashville Fairgrounds Fleamarket, Expo building #2 booth 6/7


 PLant Sale in Brentwood (with remaining mostly OUTSIDE plants. There are LOTS)

 Wednesday, April 19 10-6PM and Saturday, April 22 9-5PM

Sunday, April 23, 4:30-6:30 PM

Thank you for sharing event with your friends and see you soon!


Violets and Mini Violets

Houseplants of all sorts 

Rex Begonias


Angelwing Begoias

Mini green plants

Hardy ferns  (autumn, korean rock, tassel, lady fern, japanese painted, creeping shield ) and tropical ferns, $7.- 3 for $20.- or full tray of 10 $60.- lots available.

4" Maidenhair $8.- 2 for $14.-

Hanging basket Boston small $16.-

Kimberly queen ferns $25.-  

Macho hanging basket ferns $18.-

Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket $28.- (please pre-book) 3 left $22.-

Neon hanging basket ferns "Blondie" (still quite small) $16.-

1 gallon Foxtail ferns $24.- now $22.- or 2 for $40.-

Ivy $7.- 3 for $20.-

Geraniums lots, red or salmon $12.- now 4 or more $10.-ea

Lantanas, $5 or 2 for 9.-) sold out

Sweet potatoe vine, (sold out)

Dragonwing 4 for 10.- now 5 for $10.-

Bacopa (supplier had none)

Penta (hot pink not blooming yet) $6.- now 2 for $10 few left

Rieger Begonias 4" $7.- 3 for $20- now 3 for $18.- ,smaller ones 4 for $20.-

Coleus shade and sun $6.-now  4 for $20.-, plus some larger ones

Creeping Jenny 

some annuals (few small 4 pots left)

pink Petunia hanging baskets now 15.-

Polkadot angelwing hanging basket (morning sun) $24.- now 2nd one $20.-

small Encanto Waterfall begonias 4 pink 2 orange $20.-

Basil $4.- 4 for $10.-

tropical plants like Mandevillas( 1 pink left $36-) and yellow Hibiscus $28.- 5 left now $25.-

Shade planters $40.- several left

Sun planters $40.- 2nd one $35.- few left

various 4" sun flowers priced differently

4" impatiens coral color (several trays) 5 for $10.- or full tray of 15 $25.-

etc. etc.

Please pre-book large quantities or special requests by emailing monique@selectivegardener.com




2 IN Mini Poinsettias in Frosted White Snowflake Ornament - Set of 4

Looks beautiful with red or white poinsettia! best quality ceramic this year! 

2 IN Optimara Miniature Violet - Wholesale

2" Optimara Miniature Violet

Price Varies
2 IN Poinsettia

2 inch Poinsettia

Price Varies
4 IN Poinsettia w/ ivy

4" Poinsettia with ivy

Price Varies
4 IN Watermelon Peperomia (4IN Pot)


Party Pack of 2 IN Optimara Mini Violets

most economical!

Was: $125.00
Now: $115.00
Red and Green Ecopot

Red and green wick-watered ecopots for minipoinsettias

Price Varies
2 IN Succulent

2 Inch Mini Succulent: Geometrical and Pretty

Price Varies
Party Pack of 20 Mini Green Plants in Snowman Hat ceramics

Great super cute gift idea for any plant person!  

Was: $200.00
Now: $180.00
Shade Planter

Beautiful 10" Shade Planter with Begonias and green plants. 

Wind Chime

 Hand-tuned, high quality Wind Chime

2 IN Mini Green Plants in Snowman Hat ceramic - Set of 4

Very cute set for all the green plant fans!

2 IN Mini Poinsettias in Snowman Hat ceramic - Set of 4

Very cute set with red or mixed poinsettias!

10 IN Hanging Basket Fern

10IN Hanging Basket Fern

Price Varies
Large 6 IN Elatior Begonia

Receive 1 large 6 inch Elatior Begonia, hand-picked and carefully seleted. You may request a certain color and we will try our best to honor your request, if not available we will substitute with another color in the color group.