Local Middle Tennessee Products

These Unique Items are either not shippable or priced only for local delivery or pickup.

You may also visit us at one of our local Nashville, TN shows throughout the year:
Antique & Garden Show, Lawn & Garden Show, Vintage Market and Christmas Village Show and Centennial Holiday Shwo 
as well as the 4th weekend of every month at 
Nashville Fairgrounds Fleamarket, Expo building #2 booth 6/7


Spring Plant Sale and Greenhouse Open House  remaining plant availability:

3 large 6” red Geraniums ( not blooming yet) $8.- each SOLD

7 smaller 6” Geraniums  (not blooming yet) $5.- each SOLD

6 4” creeping Jenny 3 for $5.- SOLD

6 4” white petunias   3 for $5.- SOLD

11 lavender small 4” 3 for $5.- 2 left

8 red 4.5” New Guinea impatiens for sun $3.- , all for $20.- SOLD

30 light pink double Million bells small 4”  3 for $4.-

2 big red Dragonwing 10” pots $20.- or both for $35.- SOLD

5 shade coleus $2.- ea (2 sold)

25 6” Angelwing begonia (bloom small orange flowers) shade to morning sun $7.- 4 for $20.- 

Encanto Waterfall  Begonia Hanging Baskets: 2 orange, 2 red, 5 pink, just starting to bloom $20.- 2 for $35.- SOLD

4 trays 4” Zinnias, mostly orange, maybe few other mixed colors, just starting to open. (2 trays sold)

5  plants for $10.- full tray $25.-, 2 trays or more $20.- per tray

4-6 trays of seeded zinnia plantlets , few inches high . (probably 50 + plantlets) $20.- ea tray

2  trays of 10 4” hardy Lady fern : 5 plants for $30.- full tray of 10 $50.-  

available in large quantity:

Tray of 10 Fortune Holly, hardy fern, 5 plants for $30.-, full tray of 10 $50.-

4” yellow or red Rieger Begonias for shade pots $5.-  4 for $18.-  

Many Plug trays of 72 small plugs of hardy autumn leaf or hardy Tassel  or hardy Korean rock fern (make great planting for larger Fern Biotopes under trees. Instead of planting Hostas that the deer love, plant hardy ferns that come back more beautiful year after year. Deers typically do not like the taste of ferns) $95.- or half a tray $50.-

10" Shade planter $35.- 

4" ivy green ore white green variegated  $6.-

10" Hanging Basket Boston Ferns $20.- to 24.-

10" Emeral Queen shade $18.-






2 IN Mini Poinsettias in Shiny White Snowflake Ornament - Set of 4

Nice neutral color looks great with red poinsettia! 

This item is out of stock
2 IN Optimara Miniature Violet - Wholesale

2" Optimara Miniature Violet

Price Varies
2 IN Poinsettia

2 inch Poinsettia

Price Varies
4 IN Poinsettia w/ ivy

4" Poinsettia with ivy

4 IN Watermelon Peperomia (4IN Pot)


Party Pack of 2 IN Optimara Mini Violets

most economical!

Was: $125.00
Now: $115.00
Party Pack of 20 Mini Poinsettias w/ Chrome Ornaments

Mini Poinsettias in shiny chrome colors - Great for table decoration and party favors!  


$215.00 - $230.00
Party Pack of 20 Mini Poinsettias w/ Ornament

Great for table decoration and party favors! 

Was: $215.00
Now: $195.00
Party Pack of 20 Mini Poinsettias w/ White Vases

Beautiful Mini Poinsettias in neutral white vases! Great to decorate your house with! same low price as in 2021!

Was: $235.00
Now: $214.00
Party Pack of 20 Mini Poinsettias w/ALL RED Ornaments

The classic and all time favorite - Great for table decoration and party favor! Back in stock for 2022!

Was: $230.00
Now: $210.00
Party Pack of 20 Mini Poinsettias w/brown and gold ceramic vase

the natural look: Mini Poinsettias in brown terracotta vase with gold band!

Was: $215.00
Now: $190.00
2 IN Succulent

2 Inch Mini Succulent: Geometrical and Pretty

Price Varies
Party Pack of 20 Mini Green Plants in Snowman Hat ceramics

Great teacher's or co-workers gift idea! adorable!

Was: $200.00
Now: $180.00
Shade Planter

Beautiful 10" Shade Planter with Begonias and green plants. 

Wind Chime

 Hand-tuned, high quality Wind Chime

2 IN Mini Green Plants in Snowman Hat ceramic - Set of 4

Very cute set for all the green plant fans!

10 IN Hanging Basket Fern

10IN Hanging Basket Fern

Price Varies
Large 6 IN Elatior Begonia

Receive 1 large 6 inch Elatior Begonia, hand-picked and carefully seleted. You may request a certain color and we will try our best to honor your request, if not available we will substitute with another color in the color group.