4IN Variegated African Violet - Modesty

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Variety Number: 713     Series: Victorian Charm    Pot Size: 4-inch medium standard
Bloom Type: Frilled    Bloom Color: Blue    Leaf Type: Heart-shaped serrated
Leaf Color: Variegated (red reverse)      Year Introduced: 1995    Year Revised: NA
AVSA Registration Number: 8328

This hard to find and beautiful 4IN variegated Optimara African violet "Modesty" with purplish blue flowers is sure to please any violet collector!  

please note that as of January, the Modesty plants are very nice and  have a pretty good amount of variegation!

Please note that the amount of variegation of the leaves can vary significantly, but we will always send the ones with most variegation.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Robin R, 06/03/2018

Beautiful variegated foliage with gorgeous flowers...unique in color. Selective Gardener sent me an amazing specimen!

Reviewed by SANDRA , 03/21/2017

Full soft variegation in leaves very pleasing ... secure packing and delivery ... THANKS FOR VIOLETS YOU CAN depend on for showing good training and growth.

Reviewed by Wendy L, 04/14/2010

This is a very beautiful violet. The color of the flower is a very unique color. I would say it's a dusty purple and with the Variegation of the leaves it is stunning.