Mini Poinsettias

Our popular mini poinsettias are now shipping!   
Besides the traditional red ones, we will also offer a limited quantity of white and marbled styles. Check out the party packs for big savings! 

Our Mini-poinsettias are very cute and have been a best seller for many years. They make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, secretaries, neighbors and are a great party decoration and keepsake. People just love them! They are available in a wide array of beautiful, self-watering ceramics, or you can order just the plants to refill your containers or make your own dish-garden arrangements. 

Please note: Your order will be charged when we receive it and will be put on hold to ship for the ship date under "shipping notes" at the end of ordering if you specify one. We always recommend to get them early, especially northern states, as with proper care they should last past the holidays! Our early crops are often some of the nicest and you will avoid extra shipping costs due to cold weather. 



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