mySensation, 4 IN Optimara Violet

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MySensation is available as a full size 4" plant!
mySensation not only has a stunning green & white color, it also has an exceptionally long bloom time!  Individual flowers can last up to several months in good conditions!  It is truly a "sensational" new introduction by Optimara!  Limited quantity! (please note that in summer or in humid environments mySensation is susceptible to botrytis on the yellow pollen - however unlike most violets, the flowers will not wilt!. 

This is the latest cultivar from Optimara lead hybridizer since 2007, Martin Holtkamp.
His myViolet series has been a big hit internationally. Expect some exciting surprises in the future from Martin!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Janet S, 09/28/2020

I recieved this early summer and it is still in full bloom. Not new blooms but the ones that flowered early on. It is a beautiful violet and the color is true to the pics.

Reviewed by DKB , 03/24/2017

I love it very much!

Reviewed by Judy k, 08/30/2016

this has been a beautiful
violet for me . the bloom has been on it for a long time. It is a good grower as well. I recommend it to anyone who loves plants

Reviewed by Coralyn P, 12/23/2015

This violet is stunning and i am the only one to have one in my group of friends, they are envious. beautiful flowers and they last for a long time.

Reviewed by Sandra , 10/13/2015

I bought this plant at least 2 months ago, possibly longer....It is as pictured and as green as the picture shows! Amazingly! The violet still has the same blooms on it as when I bought it...never have seen anything like these long-lasting blooms. If you want something a bit unusual and pretty as well, then this is it!

Reviewed by Sipora C, 10/07/2015

For me, mySensation is a sturdy, problem-free plant that blooms regularly and profusely. I've had the plant for almost a year and have seen it through three bloom cycles.

Reviewed by Silvia i, 07/16/2015

Received My Sensation and 2 plugs. My sensation is awesome, very beautiful. Not a leaf was broken, and plant is in full bloom! Will order again!

Reviewed by Patricia W, 06/13/2015

This is a beautiful, most unique violet I have ever seen. I have had it for several weeks now and the blooms are as lovely as the day it arrived

Reviewed by Nancy C, 05/04/2015

This is a beautiful plant with high green and white blooms. Strong and healthy. A welcome addition to my violet garden.

Reviewed by Joe F, 04/24/2015

I bought this plant about a month ago. It arrived with a large mass of blooms. The smallish, single, blooms are very long-lasting. The petals are thicker and not paper-thin. This plant satisfies my desire for a green African Violet bloomer. A very attractive plant for my collection.