4IN Variegated/Mottled African Violet - Charity

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Victorian Charm Series variety - Optimara Charity

This beautiful  bicolor (mostly blue & a little white) violet looks stunning due to its multi-tone green mottled leaves! It is the second Optimara variety offered with mottled leaves. 1st time on the market and only from the Selective Gardener catalog, hurry very limited supply! please note that the degree of variegation on the leaves and the amount of blue and white in the blooms can vary slightly. Please note that we have discovered that under home conditions the mottled leaves of a similar variety, Loyalty, will eventually revert to dark green and according to some customers at some point reverts back to mottled. So it is possible that Charity will follow the same pattern. the vargiegation right now is stunning and in our greenhouses it has stayed true.


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