4 IN Optimara KIT - Pack of 3 w/ watermaids and fertilizer

Was: $42.50
Now: $38.50
UPC: 276
Size: 4 Inch Plants
Countries?: USA & PR Only


This kit contains everything one needs to grow and keep beautiful African Violets. The set consists of 3 genuine and correctly labeled 4 inch Optimara African Violets in bloom, individually selected from over 50 varieties of the world-famous Optimara production greenhouses located in Nashville, Tennessee.
You will receive at least one bi-color variety. You also receive 3 "Watermaid" Self-watering trays for easy watering and a package of 10 pouches of the award winning Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14 to make your violets re-bloom! You just save $4.25 over ordering all items separate!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Christine T, 05/01/2015

Beautiful plants in full bloom arrived on time. Love the water trays too.
I am very pleased and will order again.

Reviewed by Pam N, 01/05/2015

I received this set of violets, with violet food, and self watering trays for Christmas. I could not be more thrilled with this set! They are beautiful, blooming, large plants with all the extras needed to keep them healthy and growing. They were well packaged with absolutely no damage to the plants are leaves. Dot hesitate to order! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Pam N, 12/17/2014

I purchased the 4 IN Optimara KIT - Pack of 3 African violets. They arrived today and are very healthy, in full bloom. They were very well packed! Exceeded expectations!

Reviewed by Lynn S, 02/21/2014

Received my order today....Beautiful. Great color,would have liked some directions though.Not sure if I'm using the water maids correctly

Reviewed by Joy R, 11/06/2013

My plants arrived today- in great condition!
They look very healthy.