4 IN Terracotta Clay Pot w/ Qwick Cover



This timeless and contemporary terracotta clay pot is specifically designed to fit the plastic Qwick Cover in it, making it easy to water and enhancing the look of any plant. 

Qwick Covers: These are the new self-watering containers OPTIMARA designed for shipping their violets to stores. The Qwick Covers are a very economical & stylish way to help with watering your plants, extend time between waterings by a week or more, or to provide a functional colorful cover for displaying plants at an event. It is a flexible plastic and so they are a medium-duration watering system, under regular use they will last about 3 years.

Qwick™ system Pot-covers 
• Our design features a circular well around a cone shaped bump
• The pot rests on top of this bottom cone
• The pedestal keeps soil above water-level, preventing waterlogging
• A triangular wick rests on the cone, touching soil through the center drain-holes of a standard grow pot
• This innovative wick shape ensures two sides will always contact water, providing consistent moisture 
• Snug inerior sizing ensures minimal water loss through evaporation
• Great for any flowering plants, ferns, foliage, tropicals & herbs

                       For Violets, Ferns, Begonias and other plants in standard 4" plastic pots. Please note that our 4" plastic pots fit perfectly in the Qwick cover so it you are not sure, that yours work, order the plastic pots at the same time.


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