Rhapsodie INGRID, 4 IN Optimara

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One of our best violets, always beautiful and symmetrical with beautiful bouquet of blooms.

Rhapsodie Ingrid (Holtkamp, 2014)

4" standard, adapts readily to 6" large
Bloom: Semi-Double to Double. Finishing with dense, round bouquet of blooms.
Foliage: Darkish-Medium green, quilted, serrated, slightly pointed. AVSA # in-progress.

Ingrid is classified as a semi-double to double  with sometimes over 20 petals! (please note that photo shows a very double bloom and we will always ship the most double available at the time, but sometimes they are more semi-double than double)

Her rich green, red-backed foliage is in perfect harmony with the bright pink bloom color.
The flowers feature thick, rounded petals that resemble a miniature rose. Ingrid's bloom center often has a symmetrical, decorative shape that makes her an exquisite new addition to the Rhapsodie series of violets and it was just voted "2016 Best Potted New Plant" by the Society of American Florists!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cristina S, 08/21/2020

This is a beautiful violet which I am pretty sure I grew before. I remember its excellent bloom power. It arrived very well packaged and in bloom! I am glad to have it again.

Reviewed by Jill J, 01/30/2018

This was my first plant order from selective gardener. But if all plants come the size and health of this one, I am impressed and will be back again and again. TY

Reviewed by Evelyn , 09/14/2017

Since I got Ingrid for Mother's Day, it has never been out of bloom. There are always pretty pink flowers resembling roses on the symmetrical, easily cared for plant. Absolutely a lovely violet.

Reviewed by Kathy , 05/10/2016

I have Ingrid - my favorite of all my violets! The blooms look like little roses, so beautiful.

Reviewed by Ingrid , 10/18/2015

Ingrid is absolutely gorgeous. The blossoms are almost covering the leaves

Reviewed by Joe F, 04/24/2015

This plant arrived about a month ago, and it already had a mass of blooms. It looks just we see in the photos. Blooms are long-lasting. I was surprised to discover that these are female-only plants. There are no pollen sacs. A beautiful plant overall.