4IN Optimara African Violet - myLove

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myLove (Holtkamp/Optimara, 2009)
Series: myViolet,  Pot Size: 4-inch large standard
Bloom Type: Single, large star. 
Bloom Color: White with burgundy-red eye
Leaf Type: Heart shaped, rounded, hairy, serrated
Leaf Color: Medium to dark green w/ variable red reverse.
Hybridized By: Martin Holtkamp

Comes enhanced in a nice metal pot cover. Great as gift to a special person! For added savings, order as combo w/ myPassion!

The other LARGE STAR blooms in the myViolet series are
myPassion (pink) and myDream (purple-violet)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Joe F, 04/24/2015

What an attractive flower! I bought this a month ago, and it came with flower buds and a few blooming flowers. I will definitely 'baby' this one! Flowers are gorgeous!