4IN Variegated African Violet - Romance

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 Variety Number: 751     Series: Victorian Charm    Pot Size: 4-inch medium standard
 Bloom Type: Single   Bloom Color: Pink   Leaf Type: Heart-shaped, red reverse
 Leaf Color: Variegated     Year Introduced: 1996    Year Revised: NA
 AVSA Registration Number: 8972

Please note that the amount of variegation of the leaves can vary significantly. 
We will always send the ones with the best variegation available. Also your plant might arrive in different blooming stage (from buds only to almost finished blooming) 

As of Jan.5 2024 they have good variegation!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by SANDRA , 03/21/2017

Full soft variegation in leaves very pleasing ... secure packing and delivery ... THANKS FOR VIOLETS YOU CAN depend on for showing good training and growth.

Reviewed by Richard L, 05/04/2016

I have had my Romance violet for two years plus. I recommend it. Each leaf is thick, curved, and beautifully variegated. The flowers are single or double, depending, and bright shell pink in color. It is a heavy bloomer, with as many as 50 blossoms in a flush. I am growing it here in northeast Florida. The humidity might have something to do with how well it grows. This variety is a keeper.

Reviewed by Diane , 03/15/2016

I have ordered many violets from Selective Gardner and am so pleased with all of them. My Romance violet leaves are beautifully variegated and the flowers are spectacular. This is one of the most beautiful violets available. Easy to care for is a huge plus.

Reviewed by Wendy L, 04/14/2010

This is a very beautiful violet. The color of the flower is a very unique color. I would say it's a dusty pink and with the pink variegation of the leaves it is stunning.