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EverFloris Series - Space Violets
In a sensational effort that launched African Violets into a new frontier, the Optimara Space Violet program put more than 25,000 seeds into orbit for nearly six years. This unusual step, in the annals of potted and flowering plants, turned out to be one giant leap that has produced significant and exciting NEW characteristics for African Violets. These characteristics are available in a series dedicated exclusively to Space Violets. http://www.optimara.com/everfloris.html

The EverFloris series is comprised entirely of African Violets that have been developed from the Space Violet program. They’re bigger and easier to grow, with larger, fuller blooms that flower continuously. In fact these Violets are over 16" in diameter making tradional African Violets look small by comparision. Unless they’re EverFloris, there’s no place on Earth you will find African Violets like these.