Optimara 14-12-14 Violet Food NPK (10 pouches)

original single pouch packaging
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This premium quality, urea-free fertilizer is the best violet food available, but is also good for all blooming plants indoor and outdoor.
Each bag contains 10 pre-measured pouches. Mixed with water, each pouch produces 1 gallon of fertilizer.
The new waterproof packaging prevents the powder from becoming moist. Order this item in bulk for increased savings.  

NPK 14-12-14

N - 14%        NH4-N  8.7%  and  NO3-N 5.3%
P2O5 - 12% as polyphosphate
K2O - 14%    MgO 0.9%
Boron, Colbalt, Copper, Magnesium, Molybdaem, Zinc all contained in less than 0.01% w/w


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Allison C, 09/08/2019

This stuff is amazing! I used it for my violets that had no blooms at all. My violets are now in full bloom and are so beautiful! I combine this with a self water tray that I also ordered from here. I'm now going to try to revive a violet that some one gave me that is starting to bloom but has yellow leaves. I will definitely keep buying this for my violets!