Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14 Bulk-50 Pouches

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Countries?: WORLDWIDE


For increased savings, the Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14 is available in bulk. This package contains  50 of the pre-measured pouches. (it is the same quantity as 5 standard boxes). This is the best violet food available on the market and has received numerous awards. It is also excellent for all blooming plants including outside plants. The food has no shelf life. Back in stock!





NPK 14-12-14


N - 14%        NH4-N  8.7%  and  NO3-N 5.3%

P2O5 - 12% as polyphosphate



K2O - 14%


MgO 0.9%

Boron, Colbalt, Copper, Magnesium, Molybdaem, Zinc all contained in less than 0.01% w/w


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Diane , 10/18/2017

Please tell us also if the gallon of fertilizer will last after it is made up? Or does it go bad if not used quickly. I only have 3 violets at present and there is no way to use a gallon of the mixture at one watering for me.

Reviewed by Tracie , 06/06/2017

This violet food is absolutely THE BEST!!!! I had a ton of violets back in the 1980's and used this and customer's at my office thought we had a plant company switch the violets each week because they were always in bloom. I have searched for this product for years and am THRILLED to have found it again. I have 7 violets at home right now & I can't wait to see how much better they will be after I start using this again. The violet dirt also works wonders. I use to use it in the 1980's too. I had 19 violets at my apartment and they were always blooming! SO happy I found this product again :)

Reviewed by Jenny W, 10/24/2015

I love to use the Optimara 14-12-14 Afrigan Violet food on my Violets it keeps them Blooming and Healthy all year long.It works as well on all houseplants.

Reviewed by Sandra P, 03/09/2013

I love the Optimara 14-12-14 food because it keeps my African violets blooming year-round in Michigan. I've begun using it on all of my house plants and have never seen such healthy foliage on everything and the food can be used at every watering.