UPC: 341
Maximum Quantity: 5

Rhapsodie Loretta
Pot Size: 4-inch medium standard
Bloom Type: Double  Bloom Color: Bi-color, Magenta-Pink with thin White edge
Leaf Type: Serrated, Heart shaped  Leaf Color: Medium dark green (purple-red reverse)
Year Introduced: 1991, Year Revised: 1998
AVSA Registration Number: 7500, Patent Number: 7697

Rhapsodie Loretta - Back for 2014!
Loretta is BACK, in Bold Magenta. She is a stunning plant that Optimara posted a few times on Facebook ( www..facebook.com/optimara ) and the level of interest was very strong. We've brought her back to availability now as a leaf set. She has medium-dark green foliage and some of the most stunning blooms of any Rhapsodie series double. Loretta grows well in most environments and produces a large head of eye-catching blooms.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sheena , 02/22/2015

My Loretta came the day before unseasonal cold and ice hit us. The power to my, all electric home was off for more than 24 hours and I worried the cold would kill them. I moved all my miniatures down from the windows and moved everything some distance from the windows. Four of my Violets, on a tray I left too close, each lost one or two leaves. Loretta was in the next row and looked fine. She lost some of her flowers from over heating during delivery but is looking beautiful now. Initially I really wondered if I had the right plant because the flowers are much darker, almost a bright maroon and they look like tiny roses at the peek of bloom. My Loretta is even prettier than any of the pictures.