Everfloris - EverJoy Plug

UPC: 105
Size: 6 Inch Variety
Countries?: USA & PR Only

The EverJoy (burgundy-purple)plug is grown in a 2 inch pot and already has a well established root system for easy growing. (don't overwater, EverJoy likes drier conditions than other Everfloris varieties)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by SANDRA , 03/21/2017


Reviewed by Stephanie , 06/19/2016

I bought this plug 2 months ago and it's already to a 7-8 inch leaf span/diameter!! Wow! I can't wait to see the blooms! Just transferred to a 4-in pot tonight! Wish I could post a pic!

Reviewed by Kathy D, 04/19/2016

This plant has grown to an enormous size in just 8 months. Blooming profusely. My AV club was impressed!

Reviewed by Margaret W, 10/14/2010

The most beautiful violet I have ever had, always blooming and "wow's" everyone who sees it!