Ceramic Pots

Many of the Optimara Ceramics are wick-watering. The Ceramics come with a special wick formulated for the plant so they get just the right amount of water.

4 IN African Violet w/ Terracotta floral Ceramic - Set of 2

Optimara violets in self-watering antique floral sage-green ceramics

4 IN Berry Branch Wick-Watering Ceramic

Unique plum colored berry branch relief ceramic for 4 inch violets. Makes a beautiful gift w/ a violet!

4 IN Optimara African Violets w/ metal Loveseat

Beautiful Set of 2 violets (or Ferns) in Metal Loveseat with embossed floral decoration. 

4 IN Optimara Violet in Berry Relief Vase

Violet in wick-watered berry relief ceramic

4 IN Recent Past Ceramic w/ Saucer

This ceramic vase comes in 3 timeless designs and neutral beige color which will enhance any color plant.

4 IN Terracotta Clay Pot w/ Qwick Cover

Qwick™ system These are the popular new self-watering containers OPTIMARA designed for shipping their violets to stores. Only available through SelectiveGardener.

4 IN Wick-Watering Terracotta Floral Ceramic

This antique pale sage green 4 inch ceramic has a nice neutral color that goes well with any color plant and home decor. SELF-WATERING! ( the roots of the plant draw the water from the felt wick which is included)