AnnaBelle, 4 IN Optimara Violet

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Unique bell-shaped blooms in medium blue!
Variety Number: 820, Series: Southern Belle Series,
Pot Size: 4-inch medium standard, Bloom Type: Bell Shaped, Bloom Color: Light Blue
Leaf Type: Serrated, Leaf Color: Medium Green, Red Reverse, Year Introduced: 2006
AVSA Registration Number: 10651,  Trademark: Optimara, Hybridized By: Reinhold Holtkamp Sr.

 We very rarely have this cute variety!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Diane , 03/15/2016

Annabelle is a Gorgeous blue violet. I love the bell shaped flowers that cluster each stem. Mine has been in full bloom for weeks now. Long lasting blooms. Looks so nice next to Isabelle.

Reviewed by Gary , 06/24/2015

This violet is a true work of art.

Reviewed by Mr. M, 02/21/2010

Beautiful unigue violet with a wild quality...looks like a true violet type flower!