4-IN Violet, Artist Series - Hiroshige

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Hiroshige II (Optimara/Holtkamp, 1995/2004)  4" medium standard

Variety Number: 782,  Series: Artist's Palette,  Pot Size: 4-inch medium
Bloom Type: Semi-double with wasp genetics,  Bloom Color: Bi-Color, Blue and White
Leaf Type: Plain, lightly serrated, broad  Leaf Color: Medium Green, Introduced: 1995,  Revised: 2004

Hiroshige is a highly popular plant in stores, so we've made it available by popular demand as a full plant.
The blooms are quite amazing, with long petals and many configurations on the same plant.

Please note that in summer due to the light intensity Hiroshige shows mostly the light blue color and very little white.

Bloom color varies depending on conditions & temperature, ranging from white to mixed to light blue.
Hiroshige is a vigorous, fun plant with a lot of similarities to Optimara Glacier and the mysterious Lunar Lilly White.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony , 05/02/2015

Beautiful vigorous plant. The coloration appears almost luminescent.