EverBeautiful - 4 IN Plant

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Optimara EverBeautiful 
One of the hardiest of the Everfloris Space Violets! Blooms non-stop under good growing conditions!  PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF 2-16-20 THE EVRBEAUTIFUL ARE IN 4" POTS AND ARE STARTING TO HAVE BUDS. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cynthia H, 07/16/2020

Omg. Worth every penny. I purchased several of these violets but this one is simply gorgeous!!!

Reviewed by Robin R, 05/02/2018

Last year I started 2 varieties of Space Violets from leaves. While I found them to be slower to propagate than most,the wait was well worth the end result. My "Ever Beautiful" baby plant is still a baby and is a prolific bloomer. It is so beautiful! Aptly named. The blooms are the most lovely shade of lavender/purple. I absolutely love it! I am crazy about the Space Violets. They are very interesting and gorgeous plants.

Reviewed by ErikaF , 06/03/2017

Generous, beautiful blooms that lasted and lasted.

Reviewed by Maria , 06/01/2016

This is one of my favorites! Mine looked just like the picture when I bought it. It's very hot where I live right now so the white outline on the petals is more subdued, but that's to be expected. All of my geneva edged violets go back to normal after the hot summer months are over. Thanks Optimara!

Reviewed by WendiG , 05/25/2016

One of the most beautiful Optimaras. Good bloomer, too!