Optimara Mini Violets

Optimara Mini Violets are ideal where space is limited and make great little gifts and party decoration and favors! Available with the self-watering plastic watership or with ceramics. Check out the party packs for increased savings! 


2 IN Mini Green Plant in saucer ceramic - Set of 4

Beautiful set of 4 different Earth-tone ceramic with miniature green plants!

Optimara Little Hopi, 2 IN Mini Violet

2" Mini LIttle Hopi - pink with speckles

This item is out of stock
Optimara Little Trio, NEW 2 IN Mini Violet

Music Series - Little Trio (no buds yet)


This item is out of stock
Party Pack of 2 IN MIni Violets w/ Watership

 see-through watership container makes it easy to take care of Mini Violets!

2 IN Miniature Violets with Watership - Set of 4

the easy way to keep Mini Violets!