LooXo 'Gorgeous, 4 IN Optimara Violet

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1 - 1000 $15.00


Optimara LooXo variety Gorgeous
The Selective Gardener is proud to offer this exquisite  antherless variety from the Optimara LooXo collection.
The flowers of Looxo violets omit pollen anthers & filaments, these antherless blooms do not attract thrips or harbor other pollen-seeking pests and fungi and the blooms are extremely long lasting, much longer than other varieties!
Looxo 'Gorgeous features big crowns of blue and white blooms, no anthers/pollen. It is one of Optimara's nicest variety!
 Please note that the size of the purplish blue edge depends on the time of the year and the light intensity. In summer months, the blooms show little white and lots of purplish blue, in winter months, the colors are the truest.  

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