mySensation, 4 IN Optimara Violet -pink mutation

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This is the coppery pink mutation of the green MySensation and is now available as a 4" plant exclusively at Selective Gardener!
This mySensation mutation has the same exceptionally long bloom time as the green mySensation but the blooms are pink coppery with the green edge instead all white and green.
  This is a rare mutation(5% of plants) so quantity is limited!

For comparison, here is a copper/pink mySensation side-by-side with a normal green one

Colors on the blooms may range between white, green, olive, copper, pink, and tan!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Vincent G, 03/22/2019

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful I am so happy I snatched one up. It is truly one of the most interesting and stunning plants I own.