Optimara Little Trio, NEW 2 IN Mini Violet

UPC: 373
NEW for 2018: Little Trio Optimara Mini Violet with lilac, green and white in 2" pot! 
This is a new Optimara Mini Violet from a new series of MiniViolets that will be introduced in the next 2 years..... This variety has small, long-lasting whitish flowers with lilac and light green touches!
The color and the pattern varies slightly from one plant to another, and from one bloom to another

 Available limited time only and limited quantity!  Be one of the first to get this beautiful new variety! please note as of june 8th, it is a new crop of Trio and has no blooms yet!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amy B, 11/25/2018

I received my little mini 6 months ago and she has not stopped blooming since. I highly recommend this one as she is not only beautiful but a strong bloomer!

Reviewed by Alicia S, 11/05/2018

This is my first 2" African Violet. It is beautiful!I love it and will be coming back for more.

Reviewed by Judith m, 05/29/2018

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago when it was offered in a 4" pot (by mistake, as the website explained). It arrived in full bloom. The small flowers are a great addition to my collection. They're just beautiful and so delicate. I've put down a leaf so I can grow it as a mini some day.