Violet-do-windows suction cup wells

UPC: 293
Countries?: USA & PR/Canada Only

Unique self-watering Optimara violet-do-windows suction cup well w/ 2" pot. Lets you hang your 2" mini violet on a window or mirror. The suction cup it quite strong even with the well filled with water. (Do not hang on cold window in winter or in direct afternoon sun)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by marge s, 08/18/2013

I just received my order of these pots, so I haven't had a chance to see how my violets like them. I'm sure they will thrive with the wick watering, as my other violets have done. The thing I love about these is how darn cute they are! I put some on my bath tub surround and some by the kitchen window. It's just a nice surprise to walk in the room and see these cute little violets hanging on the wall!