2 IN Miniature Violets with Watership - Set of 4

UPC: 55
Size: 2 Inch Variety
Countries?: USA & PR Only

These are 4 different genuine Miniature Optimara African Violets, hand-picked from over 15 different Optimara varieties, correctly named and shipped in 2 inch pots with the self-watering Optimara watership for easy care. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Susan D, 08/10/2019

All arrived in full bloom without a leaf damaged. Absolutely beautiful, healthy plants so I am hooked on miniature violets and Selective Gardner!

Reviewed by Dee , 04/21/2016

I love the mini violets in the waterships they do very well being water wicked

Reviewed by Christine T, 05/01/2015

I just received my mini violets on time and in fabulous blooming condition! They are beautiful. Thank you.