EverLove - 4 IN Plant

UPC: 360


Optimara EverLove - One of the most beautiful of the Space Violets now available in a 4 IN plant! EverLove has dark purplish red blooms with white edge and dark green leaves! blooms non-stop under good growing conditions! Please note that the amount of white edge can vary from one plant to another and that this plant is small compared to other everfloris varieties!

WE SELDOM HAVE THIS PLANT IN 4" SO GRAB IT WHILE AVAILABLE. as of july 10, plants are small but blooming and already in good soil in 4" pot.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dawn P, 11/02/2020

Well , I was a little skeptical at first because it said smaller than the other Everfloris varieties , but knowing that the others were beautiful , and very proficient bloomers and the growth of the plants themselves , because I know for a fact because I have a total of 5 everfloris plants and they are doing so great , well I knew I had to buy , and I was not disappointed , the others look like mother plants to her , very cute , a little humor there 😁 . So go for it , get one , get 2 , you'll love her !!