Tomorrow's Pink Ice, 4 IN Variety

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Beautiful and unsual pink variety with hot pink speckled frilled edges, hybridized by Dr. Jeffrey Smith

For a limited time only, receive a full grown plant of this beautiful variety hybridized by Dr.Jeffrey Smith:

Tomorrow's Pink Ice

This is a beautiful variety that has single to semi-double pink flowers with hot pink speckled, frilled edges. It is not an Optimara variety, it was hybridized by Dr.Jeffrey Smith, a renown expert on african violets. Since it is so unsual and very pretty, we decided with Dr. Smith's permission to offer it under license through the Selective Gardener Catalog.

Please note that this variety tends to get bushy and have double hearts.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lauren M, 10/15/2020

I received this plant and it already had blooms on it. Spectacular blooms, the hot pink speckled frill edged are spectacular. The size of the the plant great nice and the foliage is in perfect shape.

Reviewed by Janet S, 09/28/2020

This is one of my favorite violets. The dark pink ruffled edge makes it an outstanding violet.