Loyalty - LEAF SET (NOT A FINISHED PLANT) - read description

UPC: 197
Size: LEAF SET will grow into a 2 Inch Va
Countries?: USA & PR Only


Victorian Charm Series: Loyalty  (Unrooted Leaf Set)
Each set contains 2 rootable leaves and 2 labels. Check out our GUIDE TO ROOTING VIOLETS BY LEAF 

Please note that under home conditions the mottled leaves will eventually revert to dark green and we have not tested them long enough in home conditions to see if they later come back mottled.We think if probably has to do with the light intensity.

Series: Victorian Charm     Pot Size: 4-inch medium standard
Bloom Type: Double    Bloom Color: Pink 
Leaf Type: Plain, Heart Shaped    Leaf Color: Mottled, Variegated
Year Introduced: 2019   

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