6 IN Polkadot Angelwing

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1 - 50 $32.00


The Polka Dot Angelwing Begonias with botanical name Begonia Maculata "Wightii" is one of the prettiest begonias. It has beautiful shiny elongated leaves with bright wite polka dots. It is an unusual and highly sought after plant that really stands out with its interesting leaves. It is also an easy and carefree plant to have in your house or during summer outside in the shade. You will receive a well established plant in a 6" pot, but not as tall as in the main picture to ship it safely. In order for the plant to branch out and become full, it has to be pinched back early, so some longer stems will be recently cut back (see small picture). With good light and if fertilized well with the Optimara violet food 14-12-14,  the Polka Dot Angelwing Begonia produces clusters of beautiful white flowers at least once a year. Limited quantity available!


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