Full-sized Blooming Violets - New Varieties & Classic Specials

           EverBeautiful (Space Violet)      mySensation                     

Victorian Charm Series:

  NEW!   Charity (Variegated)         NEW!   Loyalty (Variegated)      


Little Intermezzo        Little Soprano             Little Duet               Little Trio    
SHIPPING:  Regular shipping days are Monday and Tuesday each week. DURING HOLIDAYS WE SHIP SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK.
Please note that during winter, we sometimes have to delay orders due to cold. We will hold your shipment until we feel it is safe enough to ship.
Night temperatures should be above 35-38F for violets during their entire transit time from Nashville. Poinsettias can tolerate a few degrees colder especially the party packs.

Come visit my booth with lots of different plants and arrangements at the Vintage Market Days! Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN Dec. 6-8!



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Selected Optimara Varieties   4" pot size, in-bloom 

3 New Violets Each Month

Cute 2" Mini-Violets in combo-paks

Limited Time 4" Violet Specials, New Products, and Special Sales and Discounts  

Cool and Colorful foliage: Ferns, Begonia, Kalanchoe, Fittonia & more  

Soil, pots, fertilizer and all your plant-care needs, plus Custom limited edition Optimara Ceramics 

 Collector Leaves

Unique items only available for local pick-up or delivery